Sunday, August 22, 2010


It's been almost 5 months I didn't update my blog, today suddenly feel like blog something. Let's me just blog "something"... Since I started my working life, I never update any artwork, because, 1st, I was very busy with job (although I know this a very stupid excuse), 2nd, I was too lazy to do any artwork. 4 months passed, and my friends are coming back from UK soon, in these 4 months, i don't know whether I got any improvement in terms of skill and handling a project, but all I know for sure is I'm gain more weight :P . Thinking back of last time still study in college, we all really have fun on doing assignment together, hanging out together, always have yum cha session, it was really fun. And now we all graduated, although is only that few months, but we still said "last time when we study in college..." lol~ Still remember when i was first step into the college, I had never think about the future, whether next time what I really want to do. I just feel like study design, I don't even dream about in the future I want to be a designer (I guess most of the people are just like me). But I was really lucky, before start study, i don't even know i really interest in this field or not, but after few semesters, i found out i really like design, thanks God. When I was in 2nd year of diploma, I feel like i have a dream, a dream to become a very successful famous designer, although now I'm not famous and success, but i still glad that I'm working in the field I like. Sometimes dream give us strength, although you might not achieve your dream, but at least it will lead you to the right path. Friends at UK~ Hope you guys got the path you want~ Good luck~ :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

motionserved featured

Yesterday when I was checking mail, I saw a mail with this title " Congrats : Your work featured in motionserved". Seriously happy when saw this, our works get featured in the well known website~ :)  Actually I was uploaded the motion in behance at 1st, never expect it can featured in motionserved, happy la~ hope next time can featured in behance main page la~ more happy if really happen. Here's the link in motionserved.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Adventure of Putrajaya

Today woke up in the early morning, not even 6a.m. yet, because plan to go the hot air balloon fiesta at Putrajaya. Cornelius, Carmen and me. Reach there at 7.45 a.m. , we though that came early so we can get the ticket to ride on the hot air balloon. Unfortunately, the ticket was sold out since yesterday, heck, we can only take photo all just see people riding on the balloon... and somemore the weather not good. All of the photo i took totally not nice. Saw quite a lot of friends at there, I guess most of the photographers and lomo kaki went this fiesta~ Met Neecole at there, and I abandon Cornelius they two then follow Neecole go walk around >.< . Until 10a.m. something, decided to back home. Here's the climax, let me tell the story through dialogue mode.

Cornelius : Loong later you drive la.
Me : Huh? I drive? Why?
Cornelius : Carmen very sleepy d, me also~
Carmen : I want sleep at behind la~
Me : .......
Carmen : Later after makan you drive la.
Me : O.... if you not worry that I drive I ok 1... (actually bit scared, because never drive at kl b4...)
Cornelius : Never mind 1 la~

And the walk to the car, Carmen drive at this time, and here's the situation in the car...
After 5 minutes on the highway...

Cornelius : .......... ( totally sleep d...)
Carmen : ......... (driving....)
Me : ........... (nothing)
Carmen : ......... (eyes become smaller and smaller.....)
Me : ......... ( looking her eyes through the mirror and realize something wrong....)
Carmen : ............( eyes totally close... and the car starting to go left...)
Me : !!!!!!!!  Carmen!! wake up ar! (hitting her shoulder)
Carmen : Har?! har!?
Cornelius : Har?! har!? (Just wake up)
Me : Walau~! Carmen you fall asleep ar~!
Carmen : Hahaha~ damn sleepy la~
Cornelius : Yea lo~ hahaha~
Carmen : You la Cornelius distract me~!
Me : ............ ( almost heart attack...)

After that we went Puchong for breakfast, change me to drive back Wangsa. On the way back to Wangsa, Corn and Carmen sleep like a death body, so I have keep on wake up Carmen ask the direction, and the most amazing part is, once I wake up Carmen, and after she told me the direction, she can straight away fall asleep, amazing. Thanks God finally I arrived home safely.

So today lesson is, make sure you are very awake while you driving, if feel sleepy please stop at the road side rest a while, or ask your friends who really awake 1 to drive. Remember 1 thing, everytime you fetching people, at that moment, their life is on your hand. Responsible to them and yourself ; love yourself and also your friends and family. Drive safely.

Didn't manage to take many photos, because the weather not that nice, and all photos I took quite sucks. Wait for 2 more days I go develop my film, hope the roll of film won't under-exposed la... =.=

Thursday, February 25, 2010

photography cocktail

took all these during chinese new year.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Since neecole ask me to do so plus I so free... for those who don't know chinese paiseh la~

① 被点者请在自己的网志上打上答案
② 请传给另外十个人
③ 传阅人请在这十位被点的人的留言板上通知他,他被点咯!
④ 这当中的十位不得拒绝
⑤ 被点者请注明被谁点了在哪里接到再传给下十位
⑥ 这些被点名者,你们被点会祝福
⑦ 不可回点哦,并且愿望会实现和得到幸福


① 绰号:libra
② 星座:天平座
③ 生日:1987年10月21日
④ 兴趣:设计,艺术,摄影,吃。
⑤ 血型:o
⑥ 最宝贵的东西:我最宝贵的东西咯。
⑦ 最討厭的东西:没钱。

① 有喜欢的人吗:有
② 有交往吗:没有
③ 幸福吗:能吃饱就幸福了。
④ 他很爱你吗:不。
⑤ 如果你有勇气最想是什么: 到世界各地背包旅行吧?那应该是要有钱吧。

① 你被谁点:neecole
② 他是你的谁:朋友
③ 他的个性是:友善,很谈得来,成熟?
④ 他长得怎样:小小只,可爱,……漂亮吧
⑤ 跟他认识多久:几个月。
⑥ 你想跟他说什么:会在msn跟他说
⑦ 如果他变成你的情人:好啊~ XD

① 最爱的音乐:好听的。
② 最爱的季节:秋天。
③ 最爱的卡通:很多勒。
④ 最爱的颜色:白色,天蓝色。
⑤ 最想去的国家:很多勒。
⑥ 最爱的水果:好吃的。
⑦ 最爱的饮料:好喝的。
⑧ 最爱的人:家人。

① 你很爱哭吗:不会。
② 你很爱笑吗:每天都在笑。
③ 你是很有信心的人吗:还蛮有的。
④ 你想要怎样的生活:没有烦恼就行了。
⑤ 你喜欢自己吗:喜欢。
⑥ 你喜欢音乐吗:很喜欢。
⑦ 你喜欢体育吗:还好啦。
⑧ 你喜欢跳舞吗:喜欢看别人跳啦。
⑨ 你很专情吗:应该吧。
⑩ 你喜欢睡觉吗:超~喜欢~

1. vertigo nick indian limmer
2. andy low
3. king mang
4. byrn kong
5. kah wai(six)
6. junjun riko
7. robin tan
8. joan chua
9. vinny chung
10. kelseyz

如果你有三个愿望,Tell me your wish :

1. 愿家人身体健康,平平安安。
2. 祝我早点找到工。
3. 保佑我早日摆脱22年的单身生活,哈哈~ XD

CNY reunion dinner


Thursday, February 11, 2010

The interview day

Yesterday i was went to MFX for interview, the company is located at Imbi, jalan inai. Without my own transport, I have to take LRT and change monorail to bukit bintang and somemore still need to walk to the office for about 10 minutes, imagine how hot is the weather yesterday. Reach there was about 10:30am. Waiting in there for half hour, and a woman come for interview me, i couldn't remember her name, but she's design department 1. Overall the interview quite smooth, quite positive la, the interviewer like my works ( got some staffs standing outside see my work and told me nice work, so happy~ ). At 1st i though after interview I can straight away know wether I can work there or not, but the interviewer told me wait for their call, maybe got 2nd interview, or else they will update me after Chinese New Year. After the interview, she take me to visit their working environment, and I saw my senior working at there, if I really can work there, at least got 1 friend inside la, lol~ After I leave there, I just go walk around at sungai wang area, then only go back. Here is the photos i took yesterday, try see wether you guys can find out the mistake or not, because these 2 photos are actually highly photoshoped. (open new window for the images to view bigger size)

Bukit Bintang